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Archives for July 2004

Google Apologizes on Weblog

After the Google shutdown earlier this week (when all web workers let out a collective *GASP*), our favorite search engine explained what happened on their corporate weblog: “A very small percentage of our users and networks – most notably, a few media outlets that write about us — were heavily infected with MyDoom, so our Read more »

Google Loves Weblogs

Since this past Saturday, more than 70% of the traffic coming to my personal website has been from Googlers searching for terms like “hPod” or “blue hPod”. Apple announced new iPods on Monday, and then verified that they were producing an HP-branded blue iPod based on the 4th generation model they just came out with. Read more »

Why Business Logs?

When we first started kicking around ideas this past Spring, we weren’t completely sure what this partnership was going to yield. Matthew has loads of experience with real-world usability testing and interface design, corporate politics, and communicating with people who don’t know what you’re talking about. Paul has a Masters degree in Management Information Systems Read more »

Saving Some Benjamins

There are lots of ways for your business to save money, no matter what size it is. We’re small business owners ourselves, so we know first-hand what you or your company may be going through. Your business needs proper software and technology in order to function most effectively, however don’t get into the mindset that Read more »

Blogger Burnout

Blogs can become addictive for both readers and writers. Once you start to maintain a successful blog, you will find that it can be hard to walkaway from it. When the pressure from your community to continuously update builds to a level you can’t handle, you begin to suffer “Blogger Burnout”. has an article Read more »

Michael Moore’s Weblog

It’s always great to see celebrities moving towards the weblog medium as a way to connect with their audience. I recently discovered Michael Moore’s weblog through a path down a variety of links, and am pretty excited to see what he talks about. Will it be solely political? Will it talk about exact figures he’s Read more »

Invite Only Advertising

“We have GMail Invites!” Okay, actually we don’t, but this phenomenon has been spreading through the web the past couple of weeks, and it has really helped to build a buzz for GMail that traditional advertising could never have achieved. What makes this even more special is that the cost to Google was zero. Already Read more »

Fear of RSS

This week one of my favorite sites, Coudal, went through a redesign. Part of the thought process that went behind the redesign was whether they should include a RSS feed for their Fresh Signals section. Jim Coudal feared that if he included a RSS feed then people would either stop visiting his site or the Read more »