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Archives for August 2004

Blog Placement

In my last entry Alexander brought up an interesting question of where a blog should be placed in relationship to the company’s homepage. Both 37signals (Signal vs. Noise) and Jon Hicks (Hicksdesign) have their blog on inner pages and not on the homepage. Is this appropriate? For these two sites I think their blog placement Read more »

Pre-Launch Content

Before blogging technology, we would all create websites that had their content in place before launching. Now I am finding that many sites that utilize weblogs only have the blog architecture in place and launch with the overused “welcome” entry. I believe this is a mistake. What draws people to sites and has them continuing Read more »

Forbes Goes Back to 1992

Last month I wrote about the Fear of RSS and why companies should learn to embrace the technology. Today, I found a review on of the new Industry Standard website. The worst part of the website according to them is: The site lets you subscribe to RSS feeds, a complicated, XML-related way of reading Read more »

Advertisers and Blogs

The blog medium started out pure and focused on content, and that is what drew in the masses. Every word was an opinion that was blatantly unbiased (or more often biased, but still blatant about it) and could be trusted. Then the ads came. Blogging is definitely a much more mature medium than it was Read more »

Microsoft to Unveil Blog Service in Japan

This morning Microsoft handed Reuters a press release outlining their new blog service to be released initially in Japan. It seems there is little difference between this new publishing platform and already existing blog software like Squarespace and Blogger, but M$ wants to get their hands in everything: “Microsoft just wants to get its fingers Read more »