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Archives for April 2005

Weblogs Campaigning For Your Business

Talk about email marketing working for ya — I just came across Campaign Monitor’s new weblog through an email they sent me. Of course it looks fantastic, our friends at Switch I.T. (makers of Campaign Monitor) put it together, but besides the great visual appeal, there’s something very smart going on: they are featuring their Read more »

Light My Firewire

I wanted to share my iBook’s wireless internet connection with my Power Mac G5, but all my ethernet cables are back home so what was I to do? Internet sharing over Firewire to the rescue. I’ve got an 6-to-6 pin Firewire 400 cable I use for transferring files between computers, so I just plugged one Read more » Fouls Out

Six Apart has partnered with Major League Baseball to create, a new service that lets baseball aficionados use TypePad to blog about their favorite team with branded templates. Also, MLB has contracted some big names in baseball to start blogging — I highly doubt they’ll keep it up with any sort of passion, but Read more »

Color Me FAT

Javascript guru (and fellow Upstate New Yorker) Adam Michela has done it again with his Fade Anything Technique (FAT) that takes the yellow fade technique many steps further to a completely different planet. Now, using object-oriented Javascript (!!!) and classes instead of IDs you can fade any element on your page dynamically. It’s so refreshing Read more »

State Your Opinion, But Know The Facts

When you blog, it’s always good to offer a unique voice and an opinion. Sure many professional journalists do not like the fact that the majority of bloggers rarely rely on fact-checking and merely offer opinion pieces, but not all bloggers strive to offer the same type of content a journalist does. I think this Read more »