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Archives for May 2005

Discuss the Negatives

It’s only natural for a company to want to discuss every positive aspect of their service, product, or themselves, but when do you get to see them talk about the negative aspects? Yesterday Darren Rowse talked about what he saw as the postives for the new 9rules Network. It’s always great to see others discussing Read more »

Huffington Post and Sploid Miss The Boat

With the huge launches of news weblogs like Gawker Media’s Sploid and Arianna Huffington’s Huffington Post, you’d think that the medium they’re utilizing would actually be utilized. Weblogs are all about two-way communication between writers and readers, but commenting features on these two sites are noticeably absent. What happened here was that they wanted to Read more »

Backpack by 37signals

Backpack officially launches this morning, but I’ve been using the app from 37signals for a few days now and wanted to record some of my thoughts, so here we go. What is it? Jason wrote on Signal vs. Noise about what Backpack actually is, and to be honest, it’s difficult to explain because it can Read more »