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Archives for December 2005

2006 Predictions

The 2005 year was really big for lots of people and companies, and I think 2006 is going to be even better. Here are my predictions for the upcoming year.

10 Questions on 9rules

David Newberger just published an interview with me on 9rules, business, weblog networks, and a lot of other juicy information. Check it out!

Turning Kinja Around, Web 2.0 Style

Kinja is the Nick Denton project from early 2004 that, paraphrased from his own words, didn’t quite make it. It lags behind the other Gawker properties by a hefty amount of traffic and just never got off the ground the way Nick, Meg or the web industry envisioned it would. Denton felt it was a Read more »

Either Support Safari, Or Lose Customers

I’m completely sick of “web 2.0” applications/companies/websites not working in Safari. I’m even *more* sick of people who say that users critiquing a web application’s inability to work in Safari are lame or don’t know what they’re talking about. This rant was brought on by comments on TechCrunch about the new version of Writely tools. Read more »

Apple Aperture and Designing Software Interfaces With CSS

When Apple released Aperture, its new professional photo editing application to compete with work alongside Adobe Photoshop, it really turned my head more than most software does. The interface is just beautiful, the features are amazingly thoughtful, and I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to use it to it’s full potential but I’ll probably Read more »