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Archives for 2006

Helium Report Beats Robb Report at Alexa and Other Observations

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We ended up doing a lot of driving but that’s what happens when there are two families to visit! I haven’t written in awhile because so many things have been going on, but here’s a quick recap of some things I thought were interesting.

Web 2.0 Design Is Disposable Design

I love when people put together their “top designer” lists because no two are ever alike — they always represent the subjective views and opinions of the list creator since design (and art) are both open to subjectivity. Andy Denton and Jason Calacanis just put together theirs. One person’s masterpiece is another person’s, so Read more »

Paid-For Posts Emulate Real Life Media

So much has been said about PayPerPost, its copycats, and now the new service and everyone seems to be all up in arms. The horror! Someone writing about a company with less than completely altruistic intentions! Disclosure or not, the idea of influenced writing isn’t new to the blog medium even though so many Read more »

User-Generated Content Sites Need Millions?

I’m a bit baffled by the news that came out over the weekend, where raised $15 million to make their total amount of money raised to about $20 million (~$5 million in a previous round). The reason I’m baffled is because they now have about $20 million but I can’t see any original content Read more »

Aaron Swartz Is Old School

Aaron Swartz was one of the 4 people on the Reddit team, and although he wasn’t one of the original founders you should definitely know who he is. One of the funny things about “Web 2.0” is that everyone is so green that nobody remembers who the innovators were in the period between the dotcom Read more »

People Bashing TechCrunch For No Good Reason

Mike just wrote on CrunchNotes a quick summary of the past week or two in his professional life, namely how some people are feeling entitled to a review just because their competitor was reviewed. What? Do people think TechCrunch is CNN or something? Last week Mike wrote about Maya’s Mom, and in the comments someone Read more »

Socialtext Gets Cheeky Over JotSpot Purchase

Wiki startup JotSpot was acquired Tuesday by Google (Techmeme discussion) and I think it’s a very smart move for all parties. JotSpot is one of the few companies that earnestly put design and the user’s experience above other things, and I’m sure this did not go unnoticed by Google. Amidst the congratulatory reach-arounds was an Read more »

Odeo Gets “Bought”, Vox Goes Live

Odeo’s Buyback RodeoYesterday the news came down that Odeo (the fun little podcast startup) is shifting gears bigtime and transitioning to greener pastures and bigger/better things. In what’s got to be the most interesting “Web 2.0” industry story of the past few weeks, Ev Williams used (I estimate) a few million dollars of his own Read more »

9rules Round 5: Halfway Point Stats

We announced Round 5 about a month ago, and today is the day to submit your blog if you’d like to join the prestigious 9rules community of blogs. Submit your blog here » My favorite part about our submission rounds are the metrics we can pull:

Everything Is An Interface

Besides the computer-based versions of an interface, I think sometimes it’s cool to step back and think about how real world applications of computer concepts apply to the work we do from day to day in pixel land. This is an adapted version of a blog entry I wrote about two years ago, updated to Read more »

The User Experience Bar Is Now Sky High

In a way I feel bad that new companies in the web app arena have to compete at such a high level, but then again, pushing the boundaries of the web medium in turn pushes the boundaries of our industry as a whole. Web user interfaces are now so incredibly advanced that people expect them Read more »

Mashup Challenge Winner, Triumphant Update

Over 60,000 people flocked to the Mashup Challenge entry since Saturday, which was certainly helped along by being at the top of Reddit and on Digg at overlapping times, so thanks to everybody for digging, submitting, linking, commenting, and reading. On to the good news! As of yesterday, the logo is gone! I don’t know Read more »

Mistakes That Kill Startups

Even though Paul Graham and I had some “fun” in my Kiko synopsis, I obviously still respect his opinions. His latest entry, The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups is definitely worth a read, and in this entry I wanted to go over some of it. Bad Location — Startups prosper in some places and not Read more »

Returning The Favor: The Toyota Mashup Challenge!

After a long week I found out that the advertising agency representing Toyota seems to have taken some creative license with the 9rules logo. Toyota Georgetown is having a conference where for some reason they thought it appropriate to modify the 9rules logo a little bit and use it as their logo for the conference. Read more »

Fixed-Width Designs and Usability

With a few prominent web designers rethinking their sites with a fixed-width layout, I think its necessary to take a look at the usability benefits and downfalls of such a decision.