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Archives for 2006

Helium Report Beats Robb Report at Alexa and Other Observations

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! We ended up doing a lot of driving but that’s what happens when there are two families to visit! I haven’t written in awhile because so many things have been going on, but here’s a quick recap of some things I thought were interesting.

Web 2.0 Design Is Disposable Design

I love when people put together their “top designer” lists because no two are ever alike — they always represent the subjective views and opinions of the list creator since design (and art) are both open to subjectivity. Andy Denton and Jason Calacanis just put together theirs. One person’s masterpiece is another person’s, so Read more »

Paid-For Posts Emulate Real Life Media

So much has been said about PayPerPost, its copycats, and now the new service and everyone seems to be all up in arms. The horror! Someone writing about a company with less than completely altruistic intentions! Disclosure or not, the idea of influenced writing isn’t new to the blog medium even though so many Read more »

User-Generated Content Sites Need Millions?

I’m a bit baffled by the news that came out over the weekend, where raised $15 million to make their total amount of money raised to about $20 million (~$5 million in a previous round). The reason I’m baffled is because they now have about $20 million but I can’t see any original content Read more »

Aaron Swartz Is Old School

Aaron Swartz was one of the 4 people on the Reddit team, and although he wasn’t one of the original founders you should definitely know who he is. One of the funny things about “Web 2.0” is that everyone is so green that nobody remembers who the innovators were in the period between the dotcom Read more »