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Archives for February 2006

Getting Real, Web 2.0 “Businesses”, Edgeio Secrets, Upcoming 9rules Plans

Sometimes I wish I had a linklog where I could post links and small bits of commentary, but because I don’t my 3 readers will have to suffer through this mishmash of the latest tech news in a regular blog entry :)

MacBook Pro Chokes On Photoshop Tests

In my last entry about Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptop, I noted that even though it’s a first generation machine, it’s probably not the best thing to buy if you spend your days in Photoshop painting pixels. The reasoning behind this is because Adobe Photoshop currently runs in emulation using the Rosetta emulator technology. Adobe Read more »

Guarding The Gates: Web 2.0 Barriers To Entry

This post was spawned from a comment left at TechCrunch where the commenter had this to say about Meebo: “I’m still curious how they plan to turn this into an actual business, and how they plan to deal with the non-existent barrier to entry in their space. I wish them the best of luck!” I Read more »

Vongo Says I Have An OS Failure

I was watching TV tonight and kept seeing funny ads for a service called Vongo. The ads were pretty nebulous, so after the movie I tried visiting their website: Not a browser failure, but an OS FAILURE! Kinda odd too, considering they stuck “Mac OS X” in the right hand “Minimum System Requirements” column. There’s Read more »

Alexa Totally Unreliable?

Many people use Alexa as a generic “site comparison” service, but is it accurate? Here are some oddities I found: