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Archives for February 2006

Getting Real, Web 2.0 “Businesses”, Edgeio Secrets, Upcoming 9rules Plans

Sometimes I wish I had a linklog where I could post links and small bits of commentary, but because I don’t my 3 readers will have to suffer through this mishmash of the latest tech news in a regular blog entry :)

MacBook Pro Chokes On Photoshop Tests

In my last entry about Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptop, I noted that even though it’s a first generation machine, it’s probably not the best thing to buy if you spend your days in Photoshop painting pixels. The reasoning behind this is because Adobe Photoshop currently runs in emulation using the Rosetta emulator technology. Adobe Read more »

Guarding The Gates: Web 2.0 Barriers To Entry

This post was spawned from a comment left at TechCrunch where the commenter had this to say about Meebo: “I’m still curious how they plan to turn this into an actual business, and how they plan to deal with the non-existent barrier to entry in their space. I wish them the best of luck!” I Read more »

Vongo Says I Have An OS Failure

I was watching TV tonight and kept seeing funny ads for a service called Vongo. The ads were pretty nebulous, so after the movie I tried visiting their website: Not a browser failure, but an OS FAILURE! Kinda odd too, considering they stuck “Mac OS X” in the right hand “Minimum System Requirements” column. There’s Read more »

Alexa Totally Unreliable?

Many people use Alexa as a generic “site comparison” service, but is it accurate? Here are some oddities I found:

I guess building to flip isn’t always a bad thing

“Building to flip” is a term that means that you’d build a company, product, or service specifically with the intent to sell it. This strategy is not often the best strategy, since you remove customer from the equation and simply try to make the service attractive to prospective buyers. Good for you, bad for all Read more »

Blogs to Riches: Popularity and Traffic in the Blogosphere

Clive Thompson’s article Blogs to Riches over at the hot new New York Magazine website has got to be the must-read article of the year so far. The premise of the article is that the rich keep getting richer, and in the blog world this translates to blogs with the highest traffic keep gaining more Read more »

Niall Fixes Plaguing Movable Type Bug

I’m not sure if this is big news to all of you, but for designers/developers who work on sites run with Movable Type, it’ll probably be useful. Up till now, if you used custom submit images at the bottom of a comment form the entire comment-posting process wouldn’t work the way you expected. Either a Read more »

LAUNCH: Niall Kennedy’s Weblog

After working with The Gigga Man on his site, it only seemed fair that I redesign his buddy Niall Kennedy’s site as well ;) Niall’s launch entry has some really positive comments so far, which makes my week much better. Here’s a screenie:

XHTML Semantic Zen

The beauty of writing good XHTML is that it relieves me of my normal design duties. Design takes place in the creative side of my brain, whereas XHTML coding fully occupies the rational and logical half. After being mired in Photoshop for days and weeks on end, it’s so nice to debate if something should Read more »

The Domain Name Game

For a new company, a good domain name is like an office on Madison Ave. (or the similar San Francisco equivalent!) and if you’re starting your company now or soon, you basically have four choices:

Valleywag Launches

Nick Denton’s first foray into the world of tech gossip is now live, and the site is called Valleywag, written by Nick Douglas of Blogebrity. I’m hoping that this blog on blogs is less lame that the dozens of other blog on blogs people have come up with, but we’ll just have to wait and Read more »