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Archives for March 2006

Power Polarities In The Design Business

It is a fantastic time to be a designer. I have never seen the design-for-hire industry so saturated with work in my entire life. Almost every single of one of my designer friends (who either are partnered with a few other people, or do all freelance work) are completely and hopelessly booked up with client Read more »

Some Humpday Fun: 9rules Dance Contest

When Paul and I are both up at 4:30am talking on IM, you know that something crazy is bound to happen. We decided to have a little fun since it’s humpday and all, so enjoy our 9rules Dance Contest. :)

Facebook At 10 Figures

Rupert Murdoch got a deal when he bought MySpace for $580 million, because the next social site to be bought will be Facebook but it’s going to go for over a billion dollars. $1,000,000,000! There were rumors a few weeks ago about Facebook going after another round of venture capital funding with a high 9 Read more »

Team Size and Individual Responsibilities

There are some people up in arms at Peter Merholtz’s blog, and those people feel that something Jason Fried wrote is attacking the profession of information architecture. Here’s the quote that’s bunching the pants: “We’ll never hire someone who’s an information architect. It’s just too overly specific. With a small team like ours, it doesn’t Read more »

LAUNCH: Kings Of A&R

It’s a real pleasure to finally unveil this site since Colin, Matto, and I worked so hard on it. Kings Of A&R is the music industry weblog to read if you want to learn about new bands, are a part of a band yourself, or are a record executive looking for the next big thing. Read more »

LAUNCH: Teaser

Gnoos is a new Australian weblog search engine, and their teaser page (that I designed) just went live! Stay tuned for the real site coming soon ;)

The Decisionmakers and Sucking Down

Venture capitalist and 9rules member Guy Kawasaki just wrote about The Art of Sucking Down, which essentially is how everyone needs to respect those who have power over certain aspects of our lives. Don’t piss-off waiters because they handle your food, did you see “Waiting”? Don’t yell at people at the airplane ticket counter because Read more »

9charities: Trying To Give Back

I talk with my guys at 9rules a lot about the big picture. Right now many people see 9rules as a blog network, however we never really saw it as that even when we dreamed the idea up about one year ago. We’re moving our way towards building a community of the most brilliant people Read more »

Guy Kawasaki Joins 9rules, We Win Best Community Site of the Year

This is a huge week for 9rules. First, we won the SXSW Web Award for Best Community Site of the Year on Sunday night, and now today we announce that venture capitalist and brilliant business mind Guy Kawasaki has joined the 9rules Network. Read the launch entry over at the 9rules blog. And boy do Read more »

Dave Winer To Quit Blogging But Screws Rogers Cadenhead In The Process

Dave Winer fires off an attorney nastygram to Rogers over some random bullshit that appears to be extremely petty now that Winer’s a millionaire. I hate this kind of stuff. You’d think that someone as well-known as Winer would know not to piss-off his audience on his farewell journey. Winer says he’ll stop blogging by Read more »

Welcome to Austin!

I’m posting this while sitting in the Hilton hotel bar courtesy their free wi-fi, and writing it via my Bluetooth keyboard attached to my Nokia 770 internet tablet — life couldn’t get more geeky! I landed in Austin for SXSW Interactive around 10am local time, and then went to lunch with some incredibly talented folks: Read more »

Next Internet Steals Flock’s Website Design

My Bloglines feeds just blew up this evening with the finding of a new Valley dotcom incubator that plans to start 15 internet companies in the next 3 years. That company is called Next Internet, and I’d probably be more interested in them if they hadn’t completely, utterly, and unabashedly stolen the look, feel, and Read more »