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Archives for April 2006

Getting Ready for Reboot

The CSS Reboot happens on Monday, and I’ll be a proud participant. If you take a gander at my user profile there you’ll see that I’m not rebooting one site, or two, but three! I’m launching Hi, Mike ( which will be my new personal site/portfolio, a redesigned Business Logs, and also a fresh look Read more »

Companies: Advertise on the cheap, using your assets

Advertising can get expensive. Obviously, there are many ways to spend wisely, such as trying your best to reach your target audience. Market research, case studies, and focus groups can definitely help to get the best bang for your buck, but what about putting your assets directly in front of your target audience? The most Read more »

10 Mac Apps

Thanks to Colin Devroe I’ve been selected as the next to carry on this useful meme. Pick my favorite Mac applications. Okay, let’s go:

Photoshop On MacBook Pro: What Slow Really Means

The last time I wrote about Photoshop on the new MacBook Pro I was vilified. This time I’ll probably be vilified again for saying the following sentence: Do not buy a MacBook Pro if you are a Photoshop user. Period. CNET just reviewed the MacBook Pro’s performance when running a variety of applications on both Read more »

Power Polarities In India

After writing the previous entry, I emailed with designer Naina Redhu who is based in India and faces both similar and very different pressures from her clients, simply because of the way clients think about “sending work to India.” Even though a project in India will probably be cheaper than in the United States, companies Read more »