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Archives for June 2006

5 Ways To Make Me Laugh At Your Web 2.0 Company

In this fast-paced and synergistic world, buzzwords get the play. Non-technical people start companies and press ridiculous deadlines to their engineers, Web 1.0 burnouts start new companies that are just rehashes of the idea they couldn’t make work in 1999, and the technology you use is more important than the value you provide. Hell, VCs Read more »

Haute Interfaces

So much is made of good web-based user interface design, that sometimes we overlook just how amazing some software interfaces are, namely high-end audio/visual development software. Many of these tools cost thousands of dollars, so you can bet that the companies have their very best talent pumping out amazing interfaces that to justice to the Read more »

Only 42 Feeds

I only subscribe to 42 feeds via Bloglines and I’m not totally sure why. Instead of continuously adding new feeds and new sites I stumble upon, I find myself removing feeds more often than I add them. It’s not that there aren’t other good blogs out there, but I think of it like I own Read more »

Blogging’s Got That Entrepreneurial Spirit

One of the things that really attracted me to blogs (and now to 9rules) is the idea that one singular person can build up a veritable army of loyal supporters. He or she can build their personal brand from absolutely nothing, ending up with tens of thousands of daily readers and advertising revenue to replace Read more »

Apple and 50 Cent Working On New eMac? has some interesting news from the music industry this morning: it seems 50 Cent and Steve Jobs are currently in talks to bring a lower priced computer to inner city families. Both my parents work in an inner city school district, so I know very well how difficult it is for their students’ families Read more »