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Archives for August 2006

Arrington Lights It Up, Literally

What I find hilarious about this picture isn’t that he’s lighting a cigar with a few hundred dollar bills (looks like a Photoshop job if you ask me) but because the website that reports on Web 2.0 Internet Startups probably makes more money than the Internet Startups it reports on. How many Web 2.0 companies Read more »

GYM’s Shitting On Your Startup

By now you’ve probably heard that The Little Calendar App That Could(n’t) Kiko has been absolved and is being sold on eBay alongside diapers, that’s a tough ending, especially for a fledgling company funded through Paul Graham’s prestigious Y Combinator warm incubator. From Paul’s Kiko eulogy: “What nailed Kiko was Google Calendar. Once that came Read more »

The Web 2.0 Exit Strategy: Sell It On eBay

Kiko, an online calendar application incubated by Y Combinator, is up for sale on eBay. The starting price of $49,999 has not been met yet, so we’ll see how it goes. Traditional exit strategies for companies include being acquired or an IPO, but that’s normally for companies that have at least an inkling of an Read more »

Why Some Startups Stumble And Others Succeed: User Generated Quid Pro Quo

The harsh truth that tech and “Web 2.0” industry pundits don’t like to talk about is that the vast majority of these new “Web 2.0” companies are failing. New companies are starting, mashing up, trying to innovate, but none are close to approaching the success of MySpace, Digg and YouTube and there’s a very good Read more »

2006 WWDC Anti-Predictions

The day that Mac geeks wait for every year has arrived, and instead of doing the usual “what’s going to be said” blog entry, I’m going the opposite route and predicting what won’t be announced. Let’s do it! No iPhone. I say this one more because I hope I’m proved wrong, but to be honest, Read more »

Yellow Journalism In The Valley

You have to be fucking kidding me. How could BusinessWeek be so irresponsible as to write the most blatant of lies on the cover of their magazine? How it happened: 1. People “in the know” estimate Digg’s worth at $200 million2. Kevin owns approximately 30-40% of that imaginary figure3. 30% of that imaginary figure equates Read more »

Coattail Riding Instructions For YouTube

Whether you believe YouTube is bigger than MySpace or not (I’m in the “not” wagon) there are still some things to keep in mind if you’re trying to work with the video behemoth. YouTube may or may not be flipbait because of the copyright issues, but there’s no reason why your company can’t work some Read more »