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Archives for October 2006

Odeo Gets “Bought”, Vox Goes Live

Odeo’s Buyback RodeoYesterday the news came down that Odeo (the fun little podcast startup) is shifting gears bigtime and transitioning to greener pastures and bigger/better things. In what’s got to be the most interesting “Web 2.0” industry story of the past few weeks, Ev Williams used (I estimate) a few million dollars of his own Read more »

9rules Round 5: Halfway Point Stats

We announced Round 5 about a month ago, and today is the day to submit your blog if you’d like to join the prestigious 9rules community of blogs. Submit your blog here » My favorite part about our submission rounds are the metrics we can pull:

Everything Is An Interface

Besides the computer-based versions of an interface, I think sometimes it’s cool to step back and think about how real world applications of computer concepts apply to the work we do from day to day in pixel land. This is an adapted version of a blog entry I wrote about two years ago, updated to Read more »

The User Experience Bar Is Now Sky High

In a way I feel bad that new companies in the web app arena have to compete at such a high level, but then again, pushing the boundaries of the web medium in turn pushes the boundaries of our industry as a whole. Web user interfaces are now so incredibly advanced that people expect them Read more »

Mashup Challenge Winner, Triumphant Update

Over 60,000 people flocked to the Mashup Challenge entry since Saturday, which was certainly helped along by being at the top of Reddit and on Digg at overlapping times, so thanks to everybody for digging, submitting, linking, commenting, and reading. On to the good news! As of yesterday, the logo is gone! I don’t know Read more »

Mistakes That Kill Startups

Even though Paul Graham and I had some “fun” in my Kiko synopsis, I obviously still respect his opinions. His latest entry, The 18 Mistakes That Kill Startups is definitely worth a read, and in this entry I wanted to go over some of it. Bad Location — Startups prosper in some places and not Read more »

Returning The Favor: The Toyota Mashup Challenge!

After a long week I found out that the advertising agency representing Toyota seems to have taken some creative license with the 9rules logo. Toyota Georgetown is having a conference where for some reason they thought it appropriate to modify the 9rules logo a little bit and use it as their logo for the conference. Read more »

Fixed-Width Designs and Usability

With a few prominent web designers rethinking their sites with a fixed-width layout, I think its necessary to take a look at the usability benefits and downfalls of such a decision.

Foot In The Mouth Apology

Back in September 2005 9rules was featured on TechCrunch, but not in the cool way all Valleyites hope for. Back over a year ago, only a few months after launching our first site, many people were linking to 9rules in a manner of ways like 9Rules, 9 Rules, 9 rules, and so on. We thought Read more »

Some Tips For Young Designers

Of course I feel funny posting this since I’m only 23 (lifetime achievement!!) but my friend Jason Santa Maria had a great entry that got me thinking. Basically a design class in a college somewhere was asked to evaluate Jason’s site and the responses were really interesting. Interesting in that I remember being the type Read more »

Money Buys Lots Of Things, Including Objective Feedback For b5media

A lot has been said regarding “global new media network” b5media taking on $2 million in funding, but for me the most level-headed opinions always come from those totally disconnected with the investment or the company. Nick Douglas wrote a scathing entry saying that b5media doesn’t deserve any money. Normally a dissenting view isn’t such Read more »

Google Code Search Is Live, Find Serial Number Generation Algorithms!

Google Code Search was just pushed live (check it out) and already the entrepreneurial minds at Digg have found a cool and unintended use for it: find serial number algorithms! The poster (I think it was Ryan) says that by just using simple queries using “keygen”, “serial”, or “name” produce some fun results like keygen Read more »

A Little Help From Friends

I just read over at 9rules that some people want to nominate me for BusinessWeek’s Best Entrepreneurs Under 25. If you think I’m doing a good job with 9rules then I wouldn’t be against you nominating me as well ;)

Passion and Money: The Pro-Blogging Dilemma

About four years ago, Darren Rowse of started his first blog and was hooked. Since then he’s started at least 16 more blogs on various topics that can all be monetized, and he’s now one of the most famous “professional bloggers” in the blog world. Darren’s a friend of mine, and I always head Read more »