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Archives for March 2009

Business Blog Profile: Team JAPANiCAN Staff Blog

This is my first business blog profile, but I hope to review specific business blogs every couple of weeks. Today, we’ll be looking at Team JAPANiCAN Staff Blog. This is the business blog of, a site that lets you book Japan hotels. Good Qualities The JAPANiCAN staff is doing a lot things right with Read more »

Great Video About Being More Productive for Business Bloggers

Eben Pagan has some of the best productivity/time management content for small business owners especially those that do their work on the internet. Here’s a recent video he did. It has a lot of great advice. I don’t usually take notes while consuming content, but Eben’s video had such great content that I found myself Read more »

How to Write Guest Posts That Actually Get Published

In my last post, I talked about guest posts as a powerful marketing strategy for your business blog. But if you’ve never done a guest post, you may wonder if other bloggers will actually publish your content. So today I’ll cover some fundamental tips to increase the success of your posts. Observe the Target Blog Read more »

Why Writing Guest Posts is a Powerful Marketing Strategy for Bloggers

Writing guest posts is a great way to promote your business blog. If you don’t know what guest posts are, it’s basically publishing content on other blogs. You write a post that fits the existing content of another blog. And in the post, you include a quick bio and link back to your own blog. Read more »