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Archives for 2010

Considering a theme framework?

Figuring out whether you should use a WordPress theme framework for your website is a balancing act of how much control you want to have over your theme code and how much you don’t have to write yourself. Controlling Code When you build a website, you usually start with the HTML and then add CSS. Read more »

An all new Freelance Writing Jobs

Yes, we’re still on a redesign spree with our network websites and this time it’s Freelance Writing Jobs, completely unrecognizable from its old look. It’s lighter and shall we say more writerly—the logotype, hues, textures, and use of manicules all lend to that feeling. Much of the work went into reorganizing the homepage such that Read more »

The ForeverGeek Realign

Next up on our roster was a realignment of ForeverGeek. A realignment, you say? If you’re familiar with the old design, this new iteration still carries a similar look and layout, but with a few new touches. There are now four main sections on the homepage: Features, Games, Anime & Comics, and the Rest—color-coded so Read more »

A New Look for Business Logs

The new Business Logs

Just a few days ago we updated the Business Logs website with a fresh new look by its new design team, Ia Lucero and Ali Hussain. The homepage now gives you easy access to everything you need to know about our company: our goal, portfolio, ideas, and how to contact us. The old design was Read more »

5 Things Your Business Blog Needs to Thrive

It’s easy to create a blog, publish a few posts, and think you’ve got a great business blog.  But guess what?  A successful business blog requires a lot more work than that.  The social web does not operate like the Field of Dreams, and if you build it, they will not necessarily come. Building a Read more »