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Archives for 2010

Brand, Design and Usability – 3 Keys to Business Blogging Success

The success of your business blog is dependent on multiple components, and three of the most important components are: brand, design and usability. Think of it this way — your business blog content is only as good as how it is received by visitors.  That means you need to not only write shareworthy content, but Read more »

How Much Should You Pay Someone to Write Your Business Blog?

If you’ve made the decision that you need to hire someone to write content for your business’ blog, then you need to understand two things: how to find a qualified person to write your business blog and how much you need to pay that person.  You can follow the preceding link to learn how to Read more »

Splashpress Media Acquires Freelance Writing Jobs

Monday brought big news for Splashpress Media when it was announced that Splashpress acquired Deb Ng’s highly popular blog network for freelance writers, Freelance Writing Jobs. I’m happy to share the news that I’ll be taking over the helm at Freelance Writing Jobs as the managing editor.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to follow Read more »

5 Steps to Write SEO-friendly Business Blog Posts

As you work to grow your business blog, you’ll notice that the traffic that comes to your blog from search engines can be significant.  How do you get more of that search engine traffic to your blog? By using search engine optimization techniques as you write your business blog posts, you can attract more search Read more »

5 Essential Business Blogging Guidelines You Need to Follow

When you recruit an employee or hire a professional blogger to write your business blog for your company, you have to give up some control of the content that is published. Let’s face it — there is no point in having someone else write your business blog posts for you if you’re still going to Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Business Blog Banned by Google

As your business blog grows, you’re likely to find that a lot of visitors find their way to your blog through search engines, particularly Google.  While it’s very important do keyword research and use search engine optimization techniques in an effort to increase that search engine traffic (stay tuned to BusinessLogs for search engine optimization Read more »

5 Types of Blog Comment Spam You Need to Delete

As your business blog grows, you’ll start to receive more comments on your blog posts.  That’s a huge milestone that you should celebrate because it means your content is interesting enough that readers want to actively engage with you.  However, not all comments are good comments, and I’m not talking about comments that offer differing Read more »

No One Wants a Stale Business Blog – Keep Yours Fresh

No one wants to read a business blog that is outdated.  The key to your business blog’s success is keeping it fresh with interesting, useful and meaningful content.  That means not only do your business blog posts have to add value to the user experience, but they also need to be published frequently. There is Read more »

WordPress Plugins for Business Blogs – Related Posts

I’m starting a new series here on BusinessLogs where I’ll write about WordPress plugins that are useful to business blogs.  The first WordPress plugin in the WordPress Plugins for Business Blogs series is the Related Posts plugin. The Related Posts plugin can help boost the amount of time a visitor spends on your business blog Read more »

Blogging All-in-One for Dummies Teaches Everything about Blogging

If you’re new to business blogging, then you might like to have a book by your side to use as a resource.  My new book, Blogging All-in-One for Dummies, is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all other online and offline sellers, and it’s a very comprehensive reference tool for any blogger who Read more »

WordPress for Business Websites — Accelerated Business Results

Recently, I put out a call for business submissions asking people who use WordPress or another blogging application for their company websites (not just business blogs) to submit their URLs for a new series here on BusinessLogs that showcases businesses using blogging applications in cool ways. Today is Day 1 of the new WordPress for Read more »

5 Statistics to Track for Better Business Blog Performance

You’ve set up your Web analytics tool, and you’re ready to start tracking your business blog’s performance.  But what do you track and what do all these terms mean? Honestly, all of the data you can collect about your business blog’s performance is useful in some way, but you have to start somewhere.  Instead of Read more »

5 Web Analytics Tools to Track Your Business Blog Performance

It’s essential that you take the time to track the performance of your business blog to ensure your audience is growing and your content is actually being seen.  Fortunately, there are a number of free and paid Web analytics tools that can help you track traffic, referrers, top performing content, keywords, underperforming content, user paths, Read more »

How to Find Bloggers to Write Your Business Blog

If you decide that hiring a professional blogger to write your business blog is the right choice for you and your company, then you need to put together a job posting and publish it on sites where bloggers search for job opportunities. For example, be sure to include a list of requirements in your blogging Read more »

Is the Right Person Writing Your Business Blog?

Who is writing your business blog?  If it’s not the right person, you won’t get the results you want and need from your blog.  That’s because no two people are alike on the social Web and different bloggers have a wide variety of skills, experience, and natural aptitude for conversing on the social Web, particularly Read more »