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Archives for 2011

Blog Search Engine Rebooted

Blog Search Engine

The all-new Blog Search Engine carries a cleaner, more modern and professional aesthetic, and makes sure to put the featured blogs in the spotlight by the use of prominent screenshots of their websites. Since there was going to be a lot of images on the page, we thought it best to use solid blocks of Read more »

bFeedMe WordPress Theme

The bFeedMe Theme is a two-column green and yellow theme based on the old design of cooking and recipe blog bFeedMe. There’s a widgetized sidebar to the right optimized for those tall skyscraper ads, as well as support for the usual WordPress features out of the box, from post thumbnails to threaded comments. Twitter and Read more »

Jack of All Blogs WordPress Theme

The Jack of All Blogs Theme is a three-column brown and green theme based on the old design of Jack of All Blogs. Widgetized sidebars are located on either side of the main content. There’s an options page that lets you enter a Twitter username to display the latest status at the top right of Read more »

Erati WordPress Theme

The Erati Theme is a white, gray, and pink three-column theme based on the old design of the Erati entertainment website. It contains an options panel that lets you enter banner code for a 125 x 125 ad zone at the left of the header. You can enter related network links at the top right Read more »

ForeverGeek WordPress Theme

The ForeverGeek Theme is a gray and white two-column theme with blue and orange accents and lots of rounded corners. It has an options page that lets you enter a banner ad code below the header as well as RSS feed and social media account links. There’s a custom menu zone at the top right Read more »

AppleGazette WordPress Theme

In the following weeks we’re releasing WordPress themes based on old designs of our Splashpress Media network sites. Today, it’s AppleGazette, which recently got a facelift. The AppleGazette Theme is a black, white, and blue two-column theme and has an options page that lets you enter ad codes, RSS subscription links, and social media URLs Read more »

WordPress Tip: Enable excerpts for static pages

We’re working on a site that lists the children of a static page and wanted to display descriptions for each one. Doing a custom WP_Query is pretty straightforward in accessing those subpages, but we don’t want to display the full content via the_content(). Built-in excerpts via the_excerpt() will suffice. Problem is, WordPress doesn’t display the Read more »

Geeks are Sexy gets even sexier

We recently helped Geeks Are Sexy splash on a fresh coat of paint on its website. There are a few new features like the featured entries at the top, while some elements were retained in the redesign, still in their familiar spots. Behold the new Geeks Are Sexy!

Genesis Tip: Change Image Size on Attachment Pages

Genesis has a bunch of custom filters and hooks for manipulating the layout and content of your custom WordPress site, but sometimes finding the right one isn’t so easy to do. In this case, I was trying to change the default image size on attachment pages. Turns out the answer lies not in poking around Read more »

AppleGazette Refreshed

Redesigning AppleGazette was no small feat, even though the design remains familiar to its regular customers. Visually, we had to strike a balance between paying homage to Apple’s design influence and maintaining the site’s own identity. The result is a cleaner, lighter, more streamlined, more modern approach to blog design. If there ever was a Read more »

Designing in the browser with the Recipe Finder Blog

The just-launched Recipe Finder blog was a quick exercise of designing within the confines of the web browser. Usually the first step is to construct wireframes and head to Photoshop (or Fireworks, or even Illustrator) but in this case, it was more efficient to do straight-up coding. First, the blog used graphic elements from the Read more »

Erati Joins In

We at Splashpress Media are having a re-design bash and this time Erati has been called upon, dressed in a new and exciting look. Covering news, view and reviews in the Television industry, styled with a clean look. We worked up a plan to tie together the content for a reader on the homepage so Read more »