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9rules Round IV Over In About 9 Hours

We’re just past the halfway point in the Round IV Submission Round and I’m proud to say that we’ve (so far) dramatically passed our expectations as far as the number and quality of weblogs who wish to be part of 9rules.

As Paul noted, we were at 1 submission every minute for the first hour, and after 9 hours we were at over 290 sites. Now we’re far past that, and will be easily surpassing the previous round record of 509 blogs to set a new “record” for us. Pretty exciting if you’re a member of 9rules, a reader, or just a fan :)

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  1. That is awesome! How many members are there total in 9rules? Is there a maximum you are looking to get?

    -Brandon Hopkins

  2. Mike Rundle says:

    Hey Brandon, currently there are about 155 members of 9rules. We don’t have a maximum number — as long as there are quality weblogs out there we’ll be glad to have them join.

  3. Anton says:

    Man, I feel bad that I missed the deadline by just a few minutes.
    At least it’s good to hear that you guys got a lot of great submissions – I can’t wait to see the list of who gets to join!

    And no doubt there’ll be lots of extra time lost checking out and reading all the great new content.

  4. Man, I heard about this thing just an hour before the doors closed. What’s the best way to find out when Round V starts?

  5. Mike Rundle says:

    Hey Jesse, we won’t be having another membership round for awhile (the previous one was in November) but the best way to find out about membership information is to just subscribe to the 9rules Blog as we talk about it there. We’re actually implementing a new submission process soon, one that doesn’t involve a 24-hour submission round, so stay tuned :)

  6. Take your time :) boi I hope I got picked, will the picked ones get a notification via email?

  7. Buddy Holly says:

    What is the benefit of being a 9 rules member?

    Recognition, exponential increase of traffic, … You dont need this IMHO. I dont like Reboots, CSS galleries, workshops that are way overpriced either.

    My 2 cents

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