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Kottke Goes Workaday Blogging

Kottke going full-time.

While I don’t wish to get into the merits of why this will or won’t work, I do think it is interesting to note how fast this piece of news spreads across the web due to the power of blogs. When doing any type of fundraising drive it is important to get your message out quickly and in front of as many eyeballs as possible because you are working with a deadline.

At last count Kottke had 15 trackbacks pointing to the entry (16 including this one) and it has only been published for 2 hours. Over the week this will get over 50 trackbacks (my guess) and will probably be picked up by Wired or some other mainstream publication who will see this as a new venture, but if you have been reading blogs for the past 2 years you will know this is old hat.

Oh look it’s on MetaFilter as well.

Now don’t get the wrong idea about what he is doing. This has been tried before with both successes and failures. Also, this type of news wouldn’t spread as quickly if it was someone else. What makes this exciting is that blogs make this type of venture possible (successful though is another story).

Best of luck goes out to Jason. I have been living off of blogs for the past year now and don’t see myself turning back. Of course I use a different (and safer) strategy…

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  1. 20 trackbacks by the time I set the post live.

  2. Mike D. says:

    What? Scrivs doesn’t have the juice to make his own posts live??? Criminy!

  3. Well, for some reason the publish button disappears when he hovers over it with the cursor. No idea why.

  4. Martin says:

    Even though Jason needs capital to survive, I think he might be heading towards where it’s really at.

    Or maybe not, but I think we’re unanamous in wishing him luck. Hopefully first mover advantage applies here…

  5. Over 50 links as of 6pm today. I underestimated heavily.

  6. I called it and only one day after the announcement. Wired is getting faster.

  7. Andrew says:

    I’ll be suprised if Jason doesn’t end up making a greater amount then he made at his old job.

  8. geoeffect says:

    Imagine this … (hazy mist rolls in as the scene changes) Weary of many long hours maintaining a full-time job and still remaining faithful to your blog, you make a momentous decision one day … To blog full-time! »more

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