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5 Digital Trends for Restaurant Marketing to Get You Noticed

Restaurant marketing, like all other enterprises, is facing the challenge of keeping up with digital marketing ideas to promote their business. Independent ventures especially need to multiply their efforts in the face of stiff competition from franchises and chains.

How to Effectively Manage Your Workforce

Leadership skills

Managing people in a company or organization requires the right skills and a lot of patience. It takes a leader and team player at the same time to effectively make employees perform their tasks well and help in the growth of the organization they belong to. A great and effective leader needs to possess several Read more »

7 Trends to Use for a Contemporary Corporate Event


Has your company ever held an affair where employees and guests couldn’t wait for it to be over? The wearisome presentations and uninspiring speeches are staples of business conferences, awards ceremonies and team-building seminars that companies regularly hold.

Why the Tutoring Industry in Asian Countries Is Surging

Taiwanese students studying English

Shadow education, also called private tutoring or tuition, is a massive industry in many Asian countries and has become an integral part of the education system. Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China lead other nations in spending for private tuition. Parents have spent billions of dollars every year to give their children a Read more »

How Social Media Is Impacting The Gaming World


Recently, the gaming industry has been taken storm by games created by relatively small or unknown developers. Many small-budget games have gone viral and are being praised for their addictive, yet simple concepts. What has brought on this surge of addicting online and mobile games? Experts say social media is to blame. News travels fast Read more »