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A New Look for Business Logs

The new Business Logs

Just a few days ago we updated the Business Logs website with a fresh new look by its new design team, Ia Lucero and Ali Hussain. The homepage now gives you easy access to everything you need to know about our company: our goal, portfolio, ideas, and how to contact us.

The old Business Logs

The old design was light, narrow, monochromatic, and safe. This time, we went bolder with a dark design and a splash of bright green.

The new color combination is a business-y take on our parent company colors. We’ve also embraced the brave new world of CSS3-based rounded corners, shadows, transition animations, and custom typography. jQuery is always helpful, whether you need to add a carousel plugin or align box heights.

Under the hood, we’re still proudly powered by WordPress, but use the Genesis Theme Framework on top of it to speed up the development process. Working almost entirely in the functions.php and style.css files saves lots of time and appeals to the minimalist in me. We’ll talk about this in more detail in another article.

We hope you like our work, and welcome to the new Business Logs!

About Sophia Lucero

A designer by profession, Sophia has extensive experience in managing both the technical and design aspects of blogs. If she had her way, the Internet would have nothing but beautifully-designed, compliant sites.

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