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An all new Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs -

Yes, we’re still on a redesign spree with our network websites and this time it’s Freelance Writing Jobs, completely unrecognizable from its old look. It’s lighter and shall we say more writerly—the logotype, hues, textures, and use of manicules all lend to that feeling.

Much of the work went into reorganizing the homepage such that everything is at your fingertips. From the introductory message about FWJ to the equal height boxes and aligned headings (with a little help from jQuery of course), everything is neatly arranged so you don’t get overwhelmed by the information this massive site has to offer. The grid is your friend.

FWJ’s new logo uses the Philosopher web font, which is designed by Jovanny Lemonad and available for embedding through the Google Font Directory. Under the hood, we’ve turned once again to the trusty Genesis Theme Framework.

Check out the new design here!

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