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Back to school with Top Colleges Online

Top Colleges Online

One of our latest clients asked us to build a website geared towards online degree hunters. Our response was to give Top Colleges Online a look that spelled classic and modern at the same time.

The design was actually inspired by the image you see in the header (which also repeats in the footer). We maintained a highly scannable, readable look, and mixed Droid Sans with Calluna Sans all around.

One important requirement for the site was styling the Degree Finder search box, which was a little challenging with the combination of its iframe and drop-down menu use. We chose to embrace progressive enhancement in applying styles to the form elements instead of bulkier solutions such as JavaScript UI frameworks.

We’re also fortunate to work with a client that uses the Genesis Theme Framework, making our jobs easier in laying the foundations on their site. Plus, flipping the sidebar location to either left or right becomes easy as pie.

About Sophia Lucero

A designer by profession, Sophia has extensive experience in managing both the technical and design aspects of blogs. If she had her way, the Internet would have nothing but beautifully-designed, compliant sites.


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