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The ForeverGeek Realign


Next up on our roster was a realignment of ForeverGeek. A realignment, you say? If you’re familiar with the old design, this new iteration still carries a similar look and layout, but with a few new touches.

There are now four main sections on the homepage: Features, Games, Anime & Comics, and the Rest—color-coded so they’re easy to distinguish. At the top, the latest post is featured in each box. In the content area, each section dynamically cycles through each post (with the help of the jQuery Cycle plugin).

ForeverGeek media

Another new feature is the Media Wall, located at the footer of every page. Aside from categories and tags, letting visitors explore your site by images is a smart idea. Clicking on a thumbnail leads you to a larger view of the image, also containing links to related images added in the same article. The image attachment functions in WordPress make this easy to implement.

On the CSS3 front: While rounded corners aren’t really a new thing on ForeverGeek, the border-radius module makes it easier than ever. (It’s still a little complicated, but thank goodness for modern browsers!) We also used a bit of box-shadow and webkit-transition for the hover effects. And of course, a sprinkling of @font-face for the headers to use a typeface that matches the original branding.

So there you have it folks, the new ForeverGeek. Hope you enjoy the new site!

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