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Down Under Underblogged?

According to the article The Lost Art of Blogging in the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia is drastically underrepresented in the blogosphere.

“With Australia’s population of 21 million, we comprise 5 per cent of English speakers. But with 75 blogs out of 9000, we comprise less than 1 per cent of English blogs. We are underrepresented by a factor of six or so.”

It seems like lack of bandwidth availability in Australia might be a key problem, but are there other factors that might be contributing?

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  1. Ross Hill says:

    Bandwidth is not really a problem, you can blog on dialup if you want to – I did, 6 years ago.

    I agree though that there aren’t enough popular blogs here, we should change that!

  2. Stilgherrian says:

    No, it’s not about bandwidth. It’s about character. While there’s obviously a lot of variation between individuals, Australians are in general a lot less talkative than Americans — and that carries across to blogging, I reckon.

    The Australian national character just doesn’t have that in-built urge to tell all and sundry everything that’s on your mind.

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