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Use Your Name in Your Social Media Interactions


Andy has a simple but effective tip for business bloggers. He writes:

Sign your blog posts with your name, not your credit union’s name.

He’s writing for credit unions since that’s the industry he covers, but any online business would do well to follow his tip.

Basically, he’s reiterating one of the fundamentals to blogging and social media: be a real person not an impersonal, faceless company. It only makes sense to use your name if you’re going to use a personal channel like blogging.

Also, use your name in your other social media interactions like forums and social voting sites. You gain a little bit of friendship by sharing your name. And anyone that feels like they know you will be more likely to visit your blog.

For more social media tips, check out his whole blog post: Joining the Conversation, Being the Conversation.

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