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The redesign is slowly moving live as you read this, the reason it’s not all *poof* at the same time is that I’m currently in San Francisco watching my business partners rock the mics on blog panels. But it’ll continue to go live tonight, and over the next few days and onto next week.

Reasons for Redesign

I really liked the previous design — it was very clean, minimal, and about as “corporate looking” as I could make something look. So why change? Because it didn’t do what we wanted.

We’re not very tight-lipped about our traffic figures around here, so I’ll go right on and say that our website receives 6-9k pageviews per day, with the most traffic going straight to individual entries we’ve posted. That’s a pretty good chunk of people, considering most people who read this weblog are industry figures, tech moguls, standards evangelists, and generally cool, smart people. Unfortunately, many of our readers don’t even know that we’re a consulting firm because we weren’t highlighting our services and projects well. In fact, we probably highlighted our weblog too much, and we felt we needed to stress the business aspect of what we do a bit more.

Main Goals

Since I liked the previous design (and so do many of our readers and clients) my goal when approaching the redesign was to make it cleaner and for it to highlight our work/services more. Here are the main aspects of the redesign:

  • Cleaned Up Code — The old source was a bit jagged. Our old image-replaced H1 was almost half-way down the HTML file, and the semantics behind the tags weren’t as solid as they could be. In this version, you’ll see that on the homepage we use H1 through H6 in the code, in order. Our new H1 isn’t the logo anymore, it’s a brief overview of what Business Logs actually does with a link to our services page, which is now much better for search engine rankings. If you look through the source you’ll see that it’s a bit tighter in other places as well (less superfluous span tags, more paragraphs, etc.)
  • New Projects SectionThe projects section is our portfolio so to speak. I’m still designing the main Projects landing page, but check out the 9rules or TurtleTrader projects for a brief look into what I was trying to do. The cool technical wizardry behind the projects section includes a brand new MovableType weblog powering it, with Categories being used to keep track of services we’ve provided for each project.
  • New Footer Area — On the bottom of our new pages you’ll see a new footer area that is a quick overview of who we are and what we do. This goes well with the goal we thought up at the beginning, where we didn’t feel like we were doing a good job telling people who visit our weblog what it is we really do. It’s actually my favorite part of the redesign :)

And Finally

This redesign is all about iteration. One of the things we really tried to accomplish with this new design was the flexibility to change the way pages look and feel without a lot of heartache, and that’s something I’m pretty proud of. Things will be moving around the next few days, things will be changing, so please give us your feedback and ideas and we’ll pay close attention.

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  1. Yanin says:

    I can’t wait ! I’m all up and ready to give all the feedback you want. The tention is killin’ me :)

  2. Mike Rundle says:

    Thanks Yanin! We’re trying hard ;)

  3. Gilbert Lee says:

    Well done, Mike. It’s good to read your goals in redesigning the site. I think the most effective change you made is the footer. I remember seeing the 37signals site many years ago and thinking, “Man, they did the footer right!”

    Anyway, I have a couple of comments. The little featured project snippet on the homepage needs a little ummph. It looks squeezed in between large-titled weblog entries. It actually looks like a part of the first entry. It’s not that it breaks the flow, it’s just that it looks part of the weblog when it shouldn’t.

    Under Communication Services in the footer, the term “Professional Blogging Services” is not clear to me. After looking at the description, seems like “Blogging Strategies” might be better?

    Overall, well done, Mike!

  4. Scott Kidder says:

    Looks great!

  5. Adam Michela says:

    Looks sweet. Nice feet! ;)

  6. Like it a lot as well!

  7. Congrats! Look nice!

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