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How To Hire Your First UI Designer


If you’re reading this article, it probably means you already know about the growing importance of digital design for your business. In case you weren’t totally convinced, though, maybe you’d benefit from checking out these web design statistics summarizing the average internet user’s year in browsing.

Business Opportunities in Web Design Franchise


There are a lot of businesses, both big and small that have and will want to have websites that would represent their companies and personalities. This gives rise to the vast opportunities for web design businesses. For those who would want to start one without starting from scratch, a web design franchise is the most Read more »

Business class with Human Resources MBA


We’re never one to shy away from darker color palettes and Human Resources MBA was the perfect opportunity to apply that. The design concept here was all about using textures—namely wood, leather, and paper—to come up with a look that meant business. On the homepage, we gave visitors four main navigation choices, and recycled the Read more »

Going niche: Best Masters in Nursing

Best Nursing Masters website

Continuing our long-term project of designing online degree websites, we took on a specific niche in the next stint: a resource site for the Best Masters in Nursing. It’s become a pretty effective strategy to find the right photograph to convey the ideal message of sites like these, supported by a look and feel that’s Read more »

Back to school with Top Colleges Online

Top Colleges Online

One of our latest clients asked us to build a website geared towards online degree hunters. Our response was to give Top Colleges Online a look that spelled classic and modern at the same time. The design was actually inspired by the image you see in the header (which also repeats in the footer). We Read more »