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How to Find Free Images to Use on Your Blog without Breaking Copyright Laws

All images, pictures, drawings, and so on are owned by the person who originally created them and are protected under copyright laws in the United States. Therefore, if you’re a U.S. business or using images on your blog owned by an individual from the United States, then you need to either have permission to use Read more »

WordPress for Business Websites – Le Tutor

Last month, I put out a call for business submissions asking people who use WordPress or another blogging application for their company websites (not just business blogs) to submit their URLs for a new series here on BusinessLogs that showcases businesses using blogging applications in cool ways. It’s time to highlight another business doing great Read more »

How to Build a Successful Marriage of Link Building and Link Baiting

Building incoming links to your business blog is one of the most important initiatives you can pursue in order to grow your blog.  Not only do incoming links add to the compounding effect of blogging, but they also help boost your search engine rankings. However, before you go out and try to get mountains of Read more »

Brand, Design and Usability – 3 Keys to Business Blogging Success

The success of your business blog is dependent on multiple components, and three of the most important components are: brand, design and usability. Think of it this way — your business blog content is only as good as how it is received by visitors.  That means you need to not only write shareworthy content, but Read more »

How Much Should You Pay Someone to Write Your Business Blog?

If you’ve made the decision that you need to hire someone to write content for your business’ blog, then you need to understand two things: how to find a qualified person to write your business blog and how much you need to pay that person.  You can follow the preceding link to learn how to Read more »