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WordPress Plugins for Business Blogs – Related Posts

I’m starting a new series here on BusinessLogs where I’ll write about WordPress plugins that are useful to business blogs.  The first WordPress plugin in the WordPress Plugins for Business Blogs series is the Related Posts plugin. The Related Posts plugin can help boost the amount of time a visitor spends on your business blog Read more »

Blogging All-in-One for Dummies Teaches Everything about Blogging

If you’re new to business blogging, then you might like to have a book by your side to use as a resource.  My new book, Blogging All-in-One for Dummies, is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all other online and offline sellers, and it’s a very comprehensive reference tool for any blogger who Read more »

5 Statistics to Track for Better Business Blog Performance

You’ve set up your Web analytics tool, and you’re ready to start tracking your business blog’s performance.  But what do you track and what do all these terms mean? Honestly, all of the data you can collect about your business blog’s performance is useful in some way, but you have to start somewhere.  Instead of Read more »

5 Web Analytics Tools to Track Your Business Blog Performance

It’s essential that you take the time to track the performance of your business blog to ensure your audience is growing and your content is actually being seen.  Fortunately, there are a number of free and paid Web analytics tools that can help you track traffic, referrers, top performing content, keywords, underperforming content, user paths, Read more »

How to Find Bloggers to Write Your Business Blog

If you decide that hiring a professional blogger to write your business blog is the right choice for you and your company, then you need to put together a job posting and publish it on sites where bloggers search for job opportunities. For example, be sure to include a list of requirements in your blogging Read more »

Is the Right Person Writing Your Business Blog?

Who is writing your business blog?  If it’s not the right person, you won’t get the results you want and need from your blog.  That’s because no two people are alike on the social Web and different bloggers have a wide variety of skills, experience, and natural aptitude for conversing on the social Web, particularly Read more »

Call for Business Submissions

Does your business Web site run on WordPress or another blogging application?  I highly recommend using WordPress, not just for business blogging, but for your entire business Web site.  I use it for mine (see the image to the left), and I’d like to start a new series here on BusinessLogs that highlights businesses that Read more »

20 Business Blog Posts that Add Value

It’s important that the content on your business blog is interesting, entertaining, useful, or helpful.  In other words, your business blog posts must add value to the user-experience on your blog. So what should you write about on your business blog? That’s a common question that many businesses struggle to answer.  Fortunately, I compiled a Read more »

Niche or Die – Define Your Business Blog Niche for Greater Success

Niche is a hot buzz word these days, particularly as it relates to marketing and publishing.  In simplest terms, a niche is a very specific area of focus.  You can have a niche business or a niche blog, so why not join the two and have a powerful niche business blog?  It’s brilliant, and many Read more »

5 Tips to Pick a Business Blog Domain Name

When you choose a domain name for your business blog, there are two primary factors you need to consider: search engine optimization and online brand identity.  In other words, you should try to choose a domain name that can help you attract organic search traffic and you should choose a domain name that represents your Read more »

Business Blogging and the 80-20 Rule – No One Cares about You

One of the unwritten rules of the social Web is that content should not be overly self-promotional.  In fact, publishing content on the social Web that is entirely self-promotional is one of the quickest ways to ruin your blog and your online reputation.  If you want to have a chance at building a successful business Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Get Sales and Leads from a Business Blog without Annoying Your Audience

Business blogs are amazing indirect marketing tools, but they also provide a medium for businesses to communicate specific marketing messages and generate both leads and sales.  While it’s absolutely true that your business blog content should not be overly self-promotional, it is acceptable to publish some self-promotional content in an effort to boost leads and Read more »

Employee Blogging Policies – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I’m often asked whether companies should let employees blog either for the company or personally.  My answer to both questions is always the same — absolutely!  Your employees are your most powerful brand advocates.  Let them spread the word about your business and brand freely! However, that doesn’t mean you should let them blog without Read more »

5 Steps to the Compounding Effect of Business Blogging

One of the topics I often discuss in my books, to my clients, and at speaking engagements is the value of a business blog not just as a tool to create conversations, build relationships, and develop brands, but also to increase search engine rankings and visitors to a business Web site. Many business owners think Read more »

5 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business Today

A business blog can be an amazing tool to both directly and indirectly market your business.  Not convinced?  Take a look at the 5 ways a blog can help your business listed below to see what you’re missing! 1. A business blog as a sales tool While the vast majority of the content you publish Read more »