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5 Ways to Gather Email Addresses from Your Business Blog

An important part of email marketing is getting permission to send marketing emails to someone before you hit the send key.  That means, you need a way to get people to opt-in to receive your marketing emails.  Whether you send a newsletter or promotional offer, you still need people to opt-in before you can send Read more »

Apple Pays Off Nick From ThinkSecret

After a long and tumultuous struggle between Nick from Think Secret and Apple, they’ve resolved their issues and Think Secret will be publishing no longer. This is especially interesting to me because I’ve been a reader of Think Secret for many years, essentially since the site started, and followed the lawsuit from its genesis to Read more »

Tim O’Reilly Wants to Show You His Badge

In light of the recent and now-famous Kathy Sierra incident, respected publisher and blogger Tim O’Reilly has proposed a “Blogger’s Code of Conduct” that would be followed by individual bloggers, and promoted with a badge (actually modeled after a Wild West sheriff’s badge) on their website. Is a Code of Conduct Needed? So far, the Read more »

Paid-For Posts Emulate Real Life Media

So much has been said about PayPerPost, its copycats, and now the new service and everyone seems to be all up in arms. The horror! Someone writing about a company with less than completely altruistic intentions! Disclosure or not, the idea of influenced writing isn’t new to the blog medium even though so many Read more »

Anonymous Annoyers, Beware!

A new law has just been passed that makes it now illegal for anybody to “annoy” (yes, that’s the word they used) others on the internet anonymously. So, I guess, if you post an anonymous comment on a weblog that pisses somebody off, you can now be arrested and forced to endure chinese water torture Read more »

Fred Durst Sues Gawker Over Sex Tape

After Fleshbot linked to a Fred Durst sex video a little over a week ago, you’d think that the news would be all over the blogosphere, but you’d be wrong. It may have to do with the fact that Fred Durst in a sex video is a completely unappealing thought, but regardless, Durst has fought Read more »

No More Lawyer Jokes

Your paralegal team has been working feverishly for a month on the big case, and when it finally goes to trial, where did that one regulatory statute go?