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Why Businesses Should Consider Banner Advertising

banner ads

In doing business, marketing one’s products and services is very important. This helps in raising awareness of what you do and what you’re offering to consumers. And this applies to all types of businesses whether online or offline. One of the most vital forms of marketing is the banner advertising. In fact, the online version Read more »

How to Ensure Your App RFPs Are Easily Accepted

  It’s undeniable that apps of various types have been making people’s lives easier and more exciting. Whether installed in computers and different kinds of mobile devices, both private individuals and organizations recognize their significance. In terms of mobile usage, more than 75 billion apps had been downloaded from the Apple App Store alone. This Read more »

1 out of 3 Twitter Users Talk about Brands

If you’ve been wondering whether or not your business should be on Twitter, then a new report from ROI Research and Performics (via eMarketer) can help you put some hard numbers to word-of-mouth marketing via Twitter. According to the April 2010 study: 33% of Twitter users talk about companies or products at least once a Read more »

5 Ways to Gather Email Addresses from Your Business Blog

An important part of email marketing is getting permission to send marketing emails to someone before you hit the send key.  That means, you need a way to get people to opt-in to receive your marketing emails.  Whether you send a newsletter or promotional offer, you still need people to opt-in before you can send Read more »

How to Build a Successful Marriage of Link Building and Link Baiting

Building incoming links to your business blog is one of the most important initiatives you can pursue in order to grow your blog.  Not only do incoming links add to the compounding effect of blogging, but they also help boost your search engine rankings. However, before you go out and try to get mountains of Read more »

No One Wants a Stale Business Blog – Keep Yours Fresh

No one wants to read a business blog that is outdated.  The key to your business blog’s success is keeping it fresh with interesting, useful and meaningful content.  That means not only do your business blog posts have to add value to the user experience, but they also need to be published frequently. There is Read more »

Business Blogging and the 80-20 Rule – No One Cares about You

One of the unwritten rules of the social Web is that content should not be overly self-promotional.  In fact, publishing content on the social Web that is entirely self-promotional is one of the quickest ways to ruin your blog and your online reputation.  If you want to have a chance at building a successful business Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Get Sales and Leads from a Business Blog without Annoying Your Audience

Business blogs are amazing indirect marketing tools, but they also provide a medium for businesses to communicate specific marketing messages and generate both leads and sales.  While it’s absolutely true that your business blog content should not be overly self-promotional, it is acceptable to publish some self-promotional content in an effort to boost leads and Read more »

5 Steps to the Compounding Effect of Business Blogging

One of the topics I often discuss in my books, to my clients, and at speaking engagements is the value of a business blog not just as a tool to create conversations, build relationships, and develop brands, but also to increase search engine rankings and visitors to a business Web site. Many business owners think Read more »

5 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business Today

A business blog can be an amazing tool to both directly and indirectly market your business.  Not convinced?  Take a look at the 5 ways a blog can help your business listed below to see what you’re missing! 1. A business blog as a sales tool While the vast majority of the content you publish Read more »

Top 10 Benefits of Business Blogging

Why does your business need a blog?  I could go on and on about why businesses can benefit from publishing a blog, but I’m going to narrow it down to the top 10 benefits listed below. 1. Direct marketing and promotion While businesses should never use a blog solely for self-promotion, it’s not forbidden to Read more »

Harness the Power of Business Blogging for Brand Building

One of the biggest opportunities for businesses when it comes to leveraging the reach of the online conversation happening on the social Web is related to brand building.  By participating in online discussions, you can create brand awareness, recognition, recall, loyalty and advocacy that lead to an extremely powerful brand overall. First, what is a Read more »

Business Blog or Die – The GPS of Blogging for Business Revealed

“Why does my business need a blog?  It can’t help me.” I hear that question all the time and I always respond in the same way.  There are three primary reasons why every business can benefit from publishing a business blog, which I refer to as the GPS Effect: 1. The Google Effect Business blogs Read more »

Using Twitter to Connect and Engage

Businesses have been learning about how to use social media to promote their brand, spread goodwill, and market their products and services. However, some entrepreneurs and marketers are still getting it wrong, in that they view it as mostly a numbers game, and with their use of bait-and-switch tactics to get a lot of people Read more »