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Video Tips and Equipment

Yesterday, I wrote about the huge benefits of adding video to your blog. Today, we’ll look at a couple video tips as well as video equipment to get you started. Most of the information below was found on this interview that Brian Clark did with Dave Kaminski of Web Video University. Tips Quality is Important Read more »

Odeo Gets “Bought”, Vox Goes Live

Odeo’s Buyback RodeoYesterday the news came down that Odeo (the fun little podcast startup) is shifting gears bigtime and transitioning to greener pastures and bigger/better things. In what’s got to be the most interesting “Web 2.0” industry story of the past few weeks, Ev Williams used (I estimate) a few million dollars of his own Read more »

Coattail Riding Instructions For YouTube

Whether you believe YouTube is bigger than MySpace or not (I’m in the “not” wagon) there are still some things to keep in mind if you’re trying to work with the video behemoth. YouTube may or may not be flipbait because of the copyright issues, but there’s no reason why your company can’t work some Read more »

Companies: Advertise on the cheap, using your assets

Advertising can get expensive. Obviously, there are many ways to spend wisely, such as trying your best to reach your target audience. Market research, case studies, and focus groups can definitely help to get the best bang for your buck, but what about putting your assets directly in front of your target audience? The most Read more »

iTunes 4.9 Stealing Odeo’s Thunder?

Well, iTunes 4.9 is out and it has podcasts built-in. Weblogs around the world are already pimping screenshots, uses, their favorite podcasts, and because it’s a new Apple product everybody flocks to it like flies to papaya. Wait, wasn’t there another thing that did podcasts? You know, um, I think they were still in beta Read more »