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How Much Should You Pay Someone to Write Your Business Blog?

If you’ve made the decision that you need to hire someone to write content for your business’ blog, then you need to understand two things: how to find a qualified person to write your business blog and how much you need to pay that person.  You can follow the preceding link to learn how to Read more »

5 Essential Business Blogging Guidelines You Need to Follow

When you recruit an employee or hire a professional blogger to write your business blog for your company, you have to give up some control of the content that is published. Let’s face it — there is no point in having someone else write your business blog posts for you if you’re still going to Read more »

How to Find Bloggers to Write Your Business Blog

If you decide that hiring a professional blogger to write your business blog is the right choice for you and your company, then you need to put together a job posting and publish it on sites where bloggers search for job opportunities. For example, be sure to include a list of requirements in your blogging Read more »

Review: Contextual Partnership Plugin

The Contextual Partnership Plugin For WordPress Provides Free Advertising To Help Promote Your Blog & Get You Noticed… If you’re looking for an effective solution to help get your blog noticed then the Contextual Partnership Plugin for WordPress bloggers could be well worth consideration. Perhaps the most attractive aspect is that there is no cost Read more »

Getting Smart About Taking Blogging Advice

There are hundreds of blogs out there that are writing entries solely on how to be a better blogger. Many of these authors aspire to become rich and successful simply because they are writing about how to become rich and successful, which has always been a cart-and-horse problem to me. When your blog is just Read more »

Why Is Quantity Still A Metric?

A few days ago, a blog network named 451 Press took off the gloves and named itself the largest blog network in the world based on its sheer size of >300 blogs supposedly being updated daily. They’ve now surpassed b5media in terms of numbers, and I can only guess that the move was deliberate and Read more »

Money Buys Lots Of Things, Including Objective Feedback For b5media

A lot has been said regarding “global new media network” b5media taking on $2 million in funding, but for me the most level-headed opinions always come from those totally disconnected with the investment or the company. Nick Douglas wrote a scathing entry saying that b5media doesn’t deserve any money. Normally a dissenting view isn’t such Read more »

Passion and Money: The Pro-Blogging Dilemma

About four years ago, Darren Rowse of started his first blog and was hooked. Since then he’s started at least 16 more blogs on various topics that can all be monetized, and he’s now one of the most famous “professional bloggers” in the blog world. Darren’s a friend of mine, and I always head Read more »

Om Malik’s Going Pro, The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

I was very surprised tonight to see that SiliconBeat had the drop on info that I’ve known for about a month or so but have kept my mouth locked tight about, simply because I didn’t know when he was going to announce it. My main man Om Malik is leaving Business 2.0 magazine and building Read more »

Blogs to Riches: Popularity and Traffic in the Blogosphere

Clive Thompson’s article Blogs to Riches over at the hot new New York Magazine website has got to be the must-read article of the year so far. The premise of the article is that the rich keep getting richer, and in the blog world this translates to blogs with the highest traffic keep gaining more Read more » Up For Sale

Colin Devroe, CTO of 9rules and all-around technoguru has put his pride and joy up for sale:, a wine enthusiast weblog, is up for auction at Sitepoint. We’ve recently had great success selling sites and domains in the forums there, so give it a look, and throw your bid down for this quality weblog. Read more »

Sony Paying $25k Per Month for Lifehacker Blog Sponsorship

Kris Oser from drops the inside scoop (free registration required, or BugMeNot with clarus84[at] about Sony’s sponsorship deal with Nick Denton’s Gawker Media and their new Lifehacker blog: The deal, which also includes placements on Gizmodo, Gawker’s earlier gadget title, will cost Sony in the range of $25,000 a month, according to a source Read more »

Advertisers and Blogs

The blog medium started out pure and focused on content, and that is what drew in the masses. Every word was an opinion that was blatantly unbiased (or more often biased, but still blatant about it) and could be trusted. Then the ads came. Blogging is definitely a much more mature medium than it was Read more »