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How to Ensure Your App RFPs Are Easily Accepted

  It’s undeniable that apps of various types have been making people’s lives easier and more exciting. Whether installed in computers and different kinds of mobile devices, both private individuals and organizations recognize their significance. In terms of mobile usage, more than 75 billion apps had been downloaded from the Apple App Store alone. This Read more »

Is the Right Person Writing Your Business Blog?

Who is writing your business blog?  If it’s not the right person, you won’t get the results you want and need from your blog.  That’s because no two people are alike on the social Web and different bloggers have a wide variety of skills, experience, and natural aptitude for conversing on the social Web, particularly Read more »

Top 10 Benefits of Business Blogging

Why does your business need a blog?  I could go on and on about why businesses can benefit from publishing a blog, but I’m going to narrow it down to the top 10 benefits listed below. 1. Direct marketing and promotion While businesses should never use a blog solely for self-promotion, it’s not forbidden to Read more »

Harness the Power of Business Blogging for Brand Building

One of the biggest opportunities for businesses when it comes to leveraging the reach of the online conversation happening on the social Web is related to brand building.  By participating in online discussions, you can create brand awareness, recognition, recall, loyalty and advocacy that lead to an extremely powerful brand overall. First, what is a Read more »

How to Address Complaints Posted on Blogs and Social Media

When you run a business, image has a big role in whether you succeed or not. You spend money for building goodwill among your existing clients. You spend money for marketing in the aim of getting new customers. But sometimes, one wrong move might prove to be disastrous, especially if word about certain failures spread Read more »

How NOT to use Twitter: A Guide for Businesses

So, Twitter is huge. Millions of people, numbers of sign-ups off the charts, celebrities tweeting, talk of it killing blogging– it’s clear that if you want your company to have a good online presence, you’d better get on Twitter. Most businesses not only understand this, but understand how to use Twitter to their advantage. Online Read more »

Getting Smart About Taking Blogging Advice

There are hundreds of blogs out there that are writing entries solely on how to be a better blogger. Many of these authors aspire to become rich and successful simply because they are writing about how to become rich and successful, which has always been a cart-and-horse problem to me. When your blog is just Read more »

The Stupidest Idea Ever Was Writing This Article

When articles like this creep up you know it’s a slow news day. Or maybe that’s just the type of crap the San Jose Mercury News likes to write when no Valley-area companies are getting bought for billions at the moment. “As managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, Guy Kawasaki funded all the really smart Read more »

Apple Pays Off Nick From ThinkSecret

After a long and tumultuous struggle between Nick from Think Secret and Apple, they’ve resolved their issues and Think Secret will be publishing no longer. This is especially interesting to me because I’ve been a reader of Think Secret for many years, essentially since the site started, and followed the lawsuit from its genesis to Read more »

Socialtext Gets Cheeky Over JotSpot Purchase

Wiki startup JotSpot was acquired Tuesday by Google (Techmeme discussion) and I think it’s a very smart move for all parties. JotSpot is one of the few companies that earnestly put design and the user’s experience above other things, and I’m sure this did not go unnoticed by Google. Amidst the congratulatory reach-arounds was an Read more »

Mashup Challenge Winner, Triumphant Update

Over 60,000 people flocked to the Mashup Challenge entry since Saturday, which was certainly helped along by being at the top of Reddit and on Digg at overlapping times, so thanks to everybody for digging, submitting, linking, commenting, and reading. On to the good news! As of yesterday, the logo is gone! I don’t know Read more »

Returning The Favor: The Toyota Mashup Challenge!

After a long week I found out that the advertising agency representing Toyota seems to have taken some creative license with the 9rules logo. Toyota Georgetown is having a conference where for some reason they thought it appropriate to modify the 9rules logo a little bit and use it as their logo for the conference. Read more »

Foot In The Mouth Apology

Back in September 2005 9rules was featured on TechCrunch, but not in the cool way all Valleyites hope for. Back over a year ago, only a few months after launching our first site, many people were linking to 9rules in a manner of ways like 9Rules, 9 Rules, 9 rules, and so on. We thought Read more »

Dead 2.0 Outed, Vindictive VCs Upset About Truth Peddling

Arrington notes that Skeptic, the brilliant Devil’s Advocate 2.0, has been identified (but without naming his/her name yet.) I’ll admit it, Dead 2.0 is my favorite “Web 2.0” blog right now and it’s because it mixes anecdotal humor, truthiness, and the right splash of exaggeration. I personally don’t care who writes it, I’ll still read Read more »

Yellow Journalism In The Valley

You have to be fucking kidding me. How could BusinessWeek be so irresponsible as to write the most blatant of lies on the cover of their magazine? How it happened: 1. People “in the know” estimate Digg’s worth at $200 million2. Kevin owns approximately 30-40% of that imaginary figure3. 30% of that imaginary figure equates Read more »