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Fred Durst Sues Gawker Over Sex Tape

After Fleshbot linked to a Fred Durst sex video a little over a week ago, you’d think that the news would be all over the blogosphere, but you’d be wrong. It may have to do with the fact that Fred Durst in a sex video is a completely unappealing thought, but regardless, Durst has fought back and slammed Gawker with an $80 million lawsuit. The lawsuit might actually take hold though because Gawker hosted the movie for a few hours instead of just linking to it. First rule of this industry: hosting = liability.

The situation is not without its sense of humor though. In typical Gawker style, they wrote what they felt like writing and sent a few shots back at Fred and his lawyers as well:

Are we out of order, Fred? Well, this whole crazy world is out of order. You can�t handle the truth. You own Pan-Am. You own Congress. You own the Civil Aeronautics Board. But you do not own the sky, Fred. There was a crime, there was a victim, and there is punishment. You want to see this boy die because you personally want it, not because of the facts! A dingo ate my baby!

Gawker’s non-pornographic doppleganger Weblogs Inc. had a few words to say about the suit, and none of these words offered support:

Gakwer [sic] says they took it down, but knowingly putting up a stolen sex video is� well� ummmm�.. not a very good idea. I think Gawker could get dinged BIG TIME for this one. I mean, everyone knew the video was a stolen, so this the exact opposite of what i just wrote below� this is HOSTING the video from what I�m reading! The message on Gawker to me looks like a plea for leniency� will Nick be going up the river and taking Martha�s spot in the can!??!!? stay tuned� I�m thinking Law & Order will be doing a episode about this in six weeks�perhaps on SVU?
Jason Calacanis’ Blog

Will this lawsuit bring Gawker Media down? Will Nick Denton be forced to move out of his billion dollar penthouse? Only time will tell.

Updated Post!Umm, apparently Fred Durst apologized to Gawker by sending them flowers. Yes, this is actually true. Strange ending to an even stranger circumstance.

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