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Real Apple iPhone Pictures

I do believe it’s a first for Apple, Inc. but Steve Jobs just delivered a keynote where a new product was announced that had absolutely everything in it that people were rumoring about. The Apple iPhone. Does it have a nice, big screen? Yes. How about Wifi and Bluetooth? Yes. Plays video flawlessly? Yes. New interface running some variant on Mac OS X? Yes. Camera? Yes. The list goes on and on, I could go on all day about the amazing things this device is sporting but pictures of it do more justice than my words every could.

BTW: The pics of the giant hand holding the iPhone should not make you think this device is large at all. I just compared the size of my Blackberry 8700c to that of the iPhone and the Apple device is nearly twice as thin, only 0.2″ longer than my Blackberry, and 0.3″ less wide which in my book makes it a smaller form factor. The thin iPhone will be even easier to slip into a pocket so I see absolutely no negatives at all with the size of the device.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

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  1. Jamie says:

    Which BlackBerry did you compare it to? I hope the screen does not scratch easily. The phone is simply amazing.

    Btw, I looked up the dimensions of the Mac Mini, new Airport Extreme, and Apple TV. The first two are 6.5″ square. The Apple TV is 7″ square. I guess they’re not designed to stack.

  2. Solis says:

    What will be really interesting to see is how the introduction of OS X as a mobile platform will be embraced by the development community. I’m very curious about the technical details on how they did this and how easy it will be to port existing applications to the iPhone.

    For example you could have audiozue stats showing real-time what you’re playing on your iPod. Or will you be able to stream music through their plugin?

    I can’t wait to see!

  3. Chad says:

    Amazingly cool but do I really have to switch to Cingular to use this piece of technological genius? How much of a die-hard Mac fan do you have to be to make the switch? Hmmmm…

  4. agloco says:

    it really looks nice. cool…

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