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How To Hire Your First UI Designer


If you’re reading this article, it probably means you already know about the growing importance of digital design for your business. In case you weren’t totally convinced, though, maybe you’d benefit from checking out these web design statistics summarizing the average internet user’s year in browsing.

The ForeverGeek Realign

Next up on our roster was a realignment of ForeverGeek. A realignment, you say? If you’re familiar with the old design, this new iteration still carries a similar look and layout, but with a few new touches. There are now four main sections on the homepage: Features, Games, Anime & Comics, and the Rest—color-coded so Read more »

WordPress for Business Websites – Small Farm Design

Recently, I published a call for submissions from businesses that use WordPress to create their business websites asking them to participate in the WordPress for Business Websites series here on BusinessLogs. The purpose of this series is to show all the amazing things businesses can do with  Suffice it to say, lets you Read more »

10 Businesses and Brands Using WordPress That Might Surprise You

I often write about cool websites built on that you’d never know are built on a blogging application in the BusinessLogs WordPress for Business Websites series. Today, I’m going to point you in the direction of 10 websites that are built on that will surprise you.  These sites come from large corporations, political Read more »

WordPress for Business Websites – Le Tutor

Last month, I put out a call for business submissions asking people who use WordPress or another blogging application for their company websites (not just business blogs) to submit their URLs for a new series here on BusinessLogs that showcases businesses using blogging applications in cool ways. It’s time to highlight another business doing great Read more »