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Jack of All Blogs WordPress Theme

Jack of All Blogs theme

The Jack of All Blogs Theme is a three-column brown and green theme based on the old design of Jack of All Blogs. Widgetized sidebars are located on either side of the main content. There’s an options page that lets you enter a Twitter username to display the latest status at the top right of the page, and a Google AdSense publisher ID for ads at the top of the posts (468×60) and the left sidebar (120×600). The blog title uses a custom web font and CSS3 transforms, best viewed in the latest browser versions. View Demo »

Jack of All Blogs Theme
(zip, 183.04 kB)

About Sophia Lucero

A designer by profession, Sophia has extensive experience in managing both the technical and design aspects of blogs. If she had her way, the Internet would have nothing but beautifully-designed, compliant sites.

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